Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was cleared to play today by the Redskins' Dr. James Andrews, one of the foremost sports physicians in the country. Don't be so quick to rejoice, though, Washingtonites. ESPN's Trey Wingo is saying that Andrews may still have some concerns about RGIII's health. 

Wingo tweeted today: 

 Then, his colleague, Adam Schefter added: 

Hm. Well, this is a little confusing then. How is a mobile quarterback—or really any quarterback in general—supposed to keep his knee from being exposed to punishment during a game? Besides sitting on the bench, there doesn't really seem to be any way to avoid the occasional wear and tear. Hits are going to come against Griffin's knees eventually, and Andrews undoubtedly knows this. So why would he clear RGIII to play? It's certainly a head-scratcher.

FWIW, head coach Mike Shanahan declined to say whether Griffin would actually start in Week One. It can't hurt for the Redskins to take their time on this issue. We'll see what happens come September 9, when the Skins take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football

[via Sports Illustrated]

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