Low key, Rickie Fowler and his golfing buddies, Bubba Watson, Ben Crane and Hunter Mahan are actually some of the funniest celebrities in all of sports. Their videos as the "Golf Boys" are two of the best examples we have of pro athletes cutting loose and showing some personality for once.

To add to his solo comedic repertoire, though, Fowler partnered with Farmers Insurance to create a '70s cop drama-parody, Dick Fowler, P.I. The result is pretty hilarious. What more could you want from a video like this when it already gives us over-the-top explosions, a killer 'stache, and some good ol' fashioned municipal course justice? 

Props to Fowler and Farmers Insurance for this one. Glad to see that those creative minds in advertising are being put to good use. 

[via CBS Sports]

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