Did you remember yesterday was the Celtics great Bob Cousy's 85th birthday? If you did, did you remember without seeing the Celtics' homepage? Did you get there by typing in "Nets.com?"

If the answer to all the above is yes, you've been a victim of a prank by the people behind Nets.com. If you don't type "Brooklynnets.com" (the official address) and instead type "Nets.com," you'll get forwarded to the Celtics' homepage. Of course, this joke stems for the offseason trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (and Jason Terry) to Brooklyn.

Nets.com have done a few pranks before, including Mark Cuban sticking his tongue out and a forward to the Knicks' home page, according to Larry Brown Sports. If you're trying not to get caught, then don't forget the Nets' offical address.

Oh, and Happy Belated, Cousy!

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[via Larry Brown Sports]