Sport: Basketball
Team: Ole Miss
Hateful lowlight: Flipping off the Kansas City crowd after Ole Miss got knocked out of the NCAA Tournament.

At times, Marshall Henderson makes J.J. Redick look like a good guy. His antics outweigh his talents—imagine if this kid played for Duke. Whew. This past March, he called the other coaches in the SEC "losers," mocked Florida by using their signature arm chomp as a celebration, got into a Twitter beef with a fake Kentucky player #te'od, and to top off  his March Madness experience, he flipped off all of Kansas City after being upset by La Salle in the second round of the tournament. Given that he tried to buy $800 worth of pot in high school using fake money AND tested positive for cocaine, nobody should be surprised by his piss poor character. Oh, and he got caught with pot and booger sugar once again.