Sport: Basketball
Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Hateful lowlight: His tenure with the Lakers

In the time it takes to say "Stan Van Gundy," Dwight Howard went from the NBA's beloved class clown to the league's most repugnant prima donna. Howard is everything we resent about unendurable superstars: selfish, narcissistic, and agonizingly sensitive. This guy wants you to believe that he's leading a tortured existence; only he pulls in $20,000,000 a year and has a collection of Lamborghinis.

Howard needs a win worse than Paula Deen right now. Our advice: take a free throw lesson or two before reporting to the Rockets and wait until year two of your contract to demand a trade to Brooklyn. Unfortunately, Howard's woefully out of touch and will lead the "Fire Kevin McHale" campaign while sitting at the end of Houston's bench with a meniscus tear in his knee.