During the 2012-13 NFL season, former NFL head coach Mike Tice served as the offensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears. But he was unceremoniously fired from the team back in January after the Bears' disappointing campaign. Don't worry, though. He's doing juuuuuuust fine without football in his life. In fact, he's doing better than fine. Tice just won $100,000—well, actually, $100,796.20—betting on horses in Southern California.

Tice hit the Pick 6 at Del Mar Surfside Race Place in Del Mar, Calif. on Thursday when he picked six straight winners. So his initial bet of $128 netted him over $100K. And while he did admit that he had gotten a little lucky at the track, he also admitted that his free time has helped him focus on his love for horse racing.

"I'm a horse guy," he said. "Belmont and Saratoga started, and throughout my football life, I've never been able to play them because I've always been in training camp."

Good thing he wasn't this year. Seriously, what would you rather be doing right now: Hanging out with Jay Cutler all day, every day—or making big bank at the track? Easy answer.

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[via ESPN Chicago]