Ever wanted to have some sort of collage of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted in your college/high school locker toom. Well be jealous, because the Miami Hurricanes' football locker room got one after The Rock reportedly gave the school's Alumni Center and Football Facilities renovation fund its largest donation by a former student. The locker room will now be called the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Football Locker Room. It's not the most creative of names, but it has "The Rock" in it so it's automatically great.

This is far from random though. Before he was Rock Bottoming fools on the regular and giving Vin Diesel and his crew a hard time in the Fast and Furious series, he was a defensive end for the Hurricanes' football team. Surprisingly, he wasn't the greatest of the players on the team. He started just one game and earned a grand total of 77 tackles and 4.25 sacks.

Another interesting fact is that he was part of the 1991 championship team, which included recent Hall of Fame inductee Warren Sapp, Gino Torretta and actor Finesse Mitchell, among others.

Plus, it's also worth nothing that The Rock also got the term "candy ass" from his time in Miami. Sapp said in an ESPN feature that the then-defensive line coach Ed Orgeron used to say it all the time. Who would've thought? And who would've thought one of Johnson's 4.25 sacks would look so similar to the Rock Bottom?

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[via CBS Sports]