I personally became hooked on Breaking Bad after its second season. My friend told me about it a few years ago during one of my summers off from school, and every night after work for about two weeks straight, I would come home and power through a few episodes. It was easily the most addicting (pun sort of intended) show I'd ever seen, and as I watched the third and fourth seasons, Gustavo Fring became the most badass villain I'd ever watched. The irony is that, to the rest of the world in the show, Fring was a nice, generous fellow who was represented by the logo you see above: two chicken brothers, Los Pollos Hermanos. Fried chicken, if we're specific.

Behind the scenes, he was running the most rigid operation, conducting a smooth-running show that was at the top of the methamphetamine world. Yet, up front, he was simply running a fast food chain. The lowest of the low, when it comes to food. Because of this show, however, these two chickens no longer represent food. They represent a crumbled empire. They represent death. They represent lies and fake fronts. Isn't that something you want hanging from your mirror in your car? It's only seven bucks, and comes in fresh pine smell, which, if you watched the newest episode, we're told is the No. 1 scent at Walt and Skyler's car wash. Grab a piece of Breaking Bad history now

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