About two weeks ago, a report emerged indicating that LeBron James might be interested in becoming the new president of the National Basketball Players' Association. But according to a new report, James has decided not to try and take on another job title after talking closely with his advisors. He reportedly feels as though he's already too busy and doesn't want to take on another big challenge at this point in his career.

So who is going to make a run at becoming the next NBPA president? Well, believe it or not, another member of the Heat is reportedly interested in the job. It's not Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, or Ray Allen, though. Instead, James Jones—the current treasurer of the union—is thinking about becoming the president. And if he does decide to run for the vacant position, LeBron is said to be interested in throwing his support behind his teammate.

Either way, it looks like LeBron James will not be adding "President" to his résumé. And even though it would have been great to see him make a difference with the NBPA, it's probably for the best.

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[via ESPN]