In a GQ article discussing MediaTakeout and its founder Fred Mwangaguhunga, we get a brief intro where Mwangaguhunga and friend La La Vasquez-Anthony discuss the whole Carmelo/Garnett feud during this past regular season and how all those Honey Nut Cheerios rumors got started. "He tells La La that the same anonymous source who approached the Daily News, peddling the Cheerios rumor, had approached him first. 'I didn't believe that shit,' he explains. Fred doesn't know much more than that about where the rumor came from." 

La La follows that up with another question about whether Mwangaguhunga heard anything about Anthony being unfaithful. Melo's wife hears that "no bullshit came out" and responds with the following:  

“Good,” La La says, as somewhere far away from here a chill shoots down the spine of the NBA’s reigning scoring champion. “Because I’ll cut a motherfucker’s dick off, okay? And that’ll be the next story.”

We're not surprised to hear La La go with that method of payback because damn near every girlfriend or wife would threaten to do the same thing if their partner cheated. Would she follow through on her threat? We wouldn't advise Carmelo to test her. We are also pretty sure that Mrs. Anthony will make sure Melo reads this piece, so he's put on notice.

These two should have a nice infidelity-free marriage for years to come. 

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[via GQ]