The Pistons and the Suns aren't the only NBA teams who are going to be rocking funky alternate jerseys during the 2013-14 NBA season.

According to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the Lakers are also going to rock some unorthodox unis next season. How unorthodox? Well, it sounds like they're going to follow the Warriors' lead and wear jerseys that feature short sleeves on them (they experimented with similar jerseys during the NBA Summer League last month, as you can see in the photo above). And they won't just wear them once. A Lakers team source told McMenamin that the short-sleeve jerseys will be worn "several" times next season.

They won't be the only team rocking them, either. An NBA source also told McMenamin that all ten teams who play on Christmas Day this year will wear short-sleeve alternate jerseys as well. Don't look now, but this appears to be turning into the latest NBA trend. How long before every team is wearing short-sleeve jerseys all the time?

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]