If Johnny Manziel did, in fact, get paid to autograph memorabilia, then he's "the dumbest player to ever play college football," according to ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit. Well, it's that or "the most far-fetched story I've ever heard of," as Herbstreit puts it. Either way, with all the dumb stuff that goes on with football players in the NCAA, could Manziel's decision really make him the worst of the worst? 

As Herbstreit sees it, college players know that they cannot be paid, so Manziel even entertaining the idea would be idiotic. But look, we understand that rules are rules and what he did was ridiculous, however, it's hard to believe that Johnny Football's actions could top some of the things that happen in college football that we do and do not know.

What about all the rumors that surrounded Cam Newton's collegiate career? Or Reggie Bush getting his Heisman trophy taken away for accepting gifts? Or Tyrann Mathieu failing so many drug tests that LSU had to let him go? We could go on and on, but receiving money for a signature makes him the dumbest college player ever? Herbstreit, let us use a phrase from one of ESPN colleagues: "c'mon man!" 

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[via AL.com]