Clip of the Morning: High School Basketball Player Josh Ruggles Hits Record 135 Three-Pointers in Five Minutes (Video)

If you thought you had a good jump shot, meet high school basketball player Josh Ruggles. Ruggles, who's from Wheaton Academy in West Chicago, Ill., saw a video on YouTube of Michigan's Nik Stauskas knocking down 102 three-pointers in five minutes with only two basketballs and one rebounder. So, Ruggles took on the challenge and set a new record with 111 threes in five minutes. Then, Laurie Koehn of the Atlanta Dream set a new high with 132 three-pointers in the same time span. Koehn's performance inspired him to take on the challenge again and this time, Ruggles stands alone on the top with 135 in five minutes.

Can someone top his record? Can that someone be you? 

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[via Dime]

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