Fox Sports writer Jen Floyd Engel had to know this was going to happen, right?

When she sat down recently and penned a piece (which we're hesitant to even link) about Johnny Manziel that features, amongst other things, a wildly off-base comparison to Rosa Parks, she had to know that people were going to call her an idiot, right? She had to know that they were going to call her crazy for trying to compare Manziel—A COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER!—to Parks—A CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST!—in a column, right? Like, she had to know that even mentioning Manziel and Parks in the same 589-word space was going to infuriate people, right?

We're guessing she did—and yet she did it anyway. She starts off by explaining that Parks was "an average, everyday woman…who had grown tired of being tired." Then, she explains how Parks' protest on an Alabama bus back in December 1955 served as a "tipping point" for a lot of Americans who were tired of dealing with some of the rules that were on the books at the time. And then, somehow, someway, she uses that to go into a column about how Manziel is doing the same thing right now by signing autographs for money, despite it being against the rules that the NCAA has in place. She tries to justify it by saying that her comparison of Manziel and Parks is "based only on Manziel's role as a tipping point." But come on, really?!

Like we said, she had to know that she was going to get the reaction that she's getting to her piece right now. And yet, she wrote it anyway. So she definitely deserves all of the negative feedback that she's getting.

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[via Deadspin]