John Rocker took part in a Reddit "AMA" today. For those of you who aren't familiar with a Reddit "AMA," it stands for "Ask Me Anything." And that's exactly what Reddit users did. They asked Rocker anything, including a ton of questions that involved them asking him "Why are you such a douche?" in one form or another.

As you would probably expect from anything involving John Rocker, the "AMA" was pretty off-the-wall and featured the former MLB pitcher offering up plenty of ridiculous answers. How ridiculous? Well, rather than just tell you, we decided to go through the entire "AMA" and pick out his five craziest answers. Check them out below:

The best Reddit response to this answer? "That is such a Jose Canseco answer." Yeah, bro, it totally is.

Even those Reddit users who complimented Rocker took the opportunity to throw shots at Rocker. He obviously didn't appreciate it. 


Translation: Why the $^%& did I agree to do this?

John Rocker, a true inspiration for all of the 35-year-old waiters out there living in their parents' basement.

To read the rest of Rocker's "AMA," head over here.

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[via Reddit]