Jay Z is the coolest man alive. Hands down. It's not just the money or his superstar wifey—those things certainly don't hurt. It's the nonchalance that follows him more closely than Memphis Bleek. Jay Z could do anything and still look cool. Or so we thought. 

Tyler, The Creator posted this photo on Instagram of Jay Z on a Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta Track. We hate to say it, but despite the awesome bike with an awesome name, Hov kind of looks like a dork. The shot isn't nearly as cool as the ones of Beyonce's bike ride to her concert at the Barclays Center. All of the sudden we're not looking at the coolest man alive. We're just looking at a goofy, 43-year-old dad. What do you think? Did Jay Z somehow manage to shed his cool, if only temporarily?

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[via Instagram]