Jay Bilas is a one-man wrecking crew.

Earlier this week, he launched a crusade against the NCAA after he realized that a search feature on the ShopNCAASports.com web site allowed people to search for specific NCAA players' jerseys on the e-commerce site. The only problem? The NCAA is not really supposed to be broadcasting the fact that they make direct profits off of memorabilia tied to specific players. So they disabled the search feature on the site altogether once Bilas pointed it out.

And now, they're taking things a step further. NCAA president Mark Emmert held a conference call earlier today and announced that, effective immediately, the NCAA will not be selling any team-related merchandise on ShopNCAASports.com.

"There's no compelling reason the NCAA should essentially be re-selling paraphernalia from institutions," he said. "I can't speak as to why we entered into that enterprise, but it's not appropriate for us, and we're going to exit it…I think the business of having the NCAA sell those kind of goods is a mistake."

So from now on, only items that have the NCAA logo on them will be sold through the site. Way to go, Bilas. It's a small step in the fight for change. But it's a step nonetheless.

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[via USA Today]