To be fair, a JaMarcus Russell comeback was a bit of a longshot to begin with. The man has been out of the game since 2009, put on more than a few pounds, struggled with a codeine addiction, and wasn't that good of an NFL quarterback. At all.

The man tried, though. Russell shed 50 pounds and was working with Jeff Garcia  to put himself back in shape in hopes of a comeback. The dream of playing in the NFL is dead for the former LSU star—for now at least.

Russell has been suffering from swelling in one of his knee joints, which negatively affected his ability to train. The limitation was partially what caused him to regain 50 pounds. It's a shame because this year would've been a good opportunity to return with all these teams looking for quarterbacks. Trent Edwards even found a job.

Does this huge setback completely kill Russell's comeback hopes?

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[via FOX Sports]