The 50 Greatest NBA References in Rap

14. Lil Wayne, "Show Me What You Got (Remix)"

Year: 2006
Lyric: "And when it comes down to this recording/I must be LeBron James if he's Jordan/No, I want rings with my performance/I'm more Kobe Bryant up in all this/Same coat, same gang been starting/Same triangle offense/I come through the lane like a dargeant/Referee niggas is lame they call charging."

Lil Wayne takes charge of Jay Z's record and throws in the very common Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James reference. Too bad it ends up being a shot at the (at the time) ringless LeBron and a homage to Kobe Bryant. Fast forwad to 2013 and guess which team Weezy is supporting. We ain't saying he's a bandwagoner, but...

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