The sporting world is no stranger to its share of notable stories and legends. Every year, it seems, we get some new piece of folklore to add to the hallowed halls of sports history. Things like Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown, LeBron draining the game-clinching shot in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, and Ray Lewis retiring as a Super Bowl champion are what we'll let ourselves remember for years to come. 

But what happens when tales like this get a little too tall for their own good? What happens when the fans and the media find a story and start letting it take on a life of its own? To show you just how out of hand things can get, we put together a list of the Craziest Rumors in Sports History. For instance, did you know that Michael Jordan was actually hungover during the Flu Game? Or, wait, no, it was food poisoning, right? Ah, who even knows anymore?