Chevrolet just gave each and every one of its potential customers a coupon for the 2014 Volt, good for $5,000 off, with no expiration date. Well, they didn't actually hand out coupons, but the price for the next model year did drop by five G's.

The Volt has already been extremely well-received (and GM already made a Cadillac version called the ELR), and now its price is going down to $34,995. That means, with up to $7,500 in tax refunds, the Volt could cost as little as $27,495. Compare that to the $40,000 it was sitting at before, and it has a much more handsome appeal. There are no other changes to the car, aside from adding Ashen Gray Metallic and Brownstowne Metallic paint schemes to the mix. 

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[via Chevrolet]