Very few people understand what Johnny Manziel is going through right now. But one of those people who does understand just so happens to be Cam Newton.

So earlier today, Newton—a former Heisman Trophy winner who led Auburn to a BCS National Championship in 2011—was asked if he has ever reached out to Manziel to talk about dealing with the limelight in college. And Newton revealed that he has talked to him on several occasions. He wouldn't say what the two discussed. But he did say that he knows exactly what Manziel is going through right now.

"For any college athlete, you are vulnerable to so many things," he said. "You think everybody loves you for who you are…When I was [in college] so many people wanted from me and I wanted to give so much. Like I would sign this and give my time and this, this, and that. And nobody was looking at it through my [eyes]. If you say no to this particular person, you are going to be a [jerk]. You are going to be the person that people look at say, 'What's up? We came out here and supported you and cheered for you and you can't sign an autograph?' Never mind that you signed 300 other autographs before. But that's the nature of the beast."

It sure is. And Manziel is finding that out the hard way right now. So hopefully Newton was able to give him a few pointers and make life a little easier for him moving forward.

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[via ESPN]