Deontay Wilder is undefeated in his 29 matches and has won all of them by knockout. None of his professional matches has lasted past the fourth round. Those facts right there should tell you how dangerous this heavyweight is.

With that being said, no one was expecting the scary sight at Friday night's bout. Sergey Liakhovich (25-6, 16 KOs) wasn't favored to win by any means, but how many thought the fight would end in less than two minutes?

The former champion went down when WIlder decked him with a right hand. Liakhovich immediately went down and started convulsing on the mat, forcing the referee to call the match. He was OK after he received medical attention though, and he was able to walk into the locker room on his own feet.

Wilder said after the fight he always hopes the guy he's fighting doesn't get hurt, but his wish gave way to a Twitter boasting session later on. Not the classiest of decisions, even though beating Liakhovich in such a short time is an accomplishment, but at least the situation wasn't more serious.

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[via For The Win]