When the Bentley and I first met, I was struck by how understated it all is on the outside. When you move beyond sports car or luxury car and into the realm of exotic, even if you know better, you expect it to look larger than life in person. The GT Speed certainly does look like a very, very impressive vehicle, but it doesn't have the flash of most cars in this price range ($253,095). In my opinion, this is a very good thing, as this is the sort of car that is meant to be driven every day. 

This is not to say that it's inconspicuous by any stretch of the imagination. In a week we saw countles gawkers, a kid in a Hyundai who chased us and waved frantically, two people taking pictures with the car when it was parked, and one gold digger in a Mini Cooper who really wanted to get in my pants wallet.

The inside is a very different story, however. Every possible surface of the Le Mans edition is covered in beautiful quilted leather which was, in my case, red. Normally red leather interiors appeal to me but don't look right in person, but the tone of this particular red was perfect, and the double-stiched quilting just added to the appeal. My mother might have started calling the car "the bordello," but she also once said that she likes her cars "to look like bars of soap."