Are you catching up on last night's episode of Hard Knocks tonight? If so, then you've probably seen Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Terrence Stephens sing by now. Or if you didn't catch the episode yet—or don't have HBO—you can watch him singing on the show in the clip above.

He's pretty good, right? Hell yeah. He's actually so good that he once tried out for American Idol. He didn't get all that far—he says he was eliminated after the first round—but after watching this video it's not hard to see why he made it that far in the first place.

"I was 16 and it was something that I had always wanted to do," he told the Bengals team website recently. "It was an interesting experience to say the least."

We bet. And if this NFL thing doesn't work out, we also bet that there's a singing gig out there with his name on it. Because he can sing, that's for sure.

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[via Eye On Football]