In New Hartford, N.Y., a 15-year-old and her 14-year-old sidekick lost control of a BMW in a mall parking lot and caused a lot of damage. The girls were allegedly speeding in the Sangertown Square Mall lot on a Friday morning and hit a moving 2008 Honda CRV. They then slammed into a parked 2004 Dodge pick-up truck so hard that their car lifted the truck off of the ground and slid underneath, causing the truck to hit three other cars parked nearby. As you would expect, the genius teenagers hopped out and ran into the mall to hide, then decided to flee on a bus but were stopped by mall security and detained.

Three of the six cars had to be towed away because of excessive damages. Because of their age, the girls will face juvenile aid officers for punishment at a later date. There is no word on how they got the BMW or who it belongs to, but they obviously won't be terrorizing any mall parking lots for a while.

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[via WKTV]