Years active in the WWE: 1998-2010

The older Hardy won $50,000 on Fear Factor for the American Cancer Society. He was dating former WWE Diva Amy Dumas (Lita) before she cheated on him with Edge, it sounds like a fucking storyline but, no, it actually happened. Now he's engaged to Playmate and former Lucha Libre wrestler Reby Sky. Peep their pictures, that's an upgrade in our books (though Sky's first choice appears to be Eli Manning).

He got released from TNA after driving drunk into a tree. He posted an apparent suicide video on YouTube in 2011. But claimed it was a hoax. It's kind of funny, we mean no one would ever believe a pro wrestler would have emotional problems, right?

Hardy racked up another DWI and got popped with both ecstasy and steroids. This led to him going to and then being kicked out of a WWE-sponsored rehab center (which he went to too avoid jail) because he had failed a breathalyzer. With leniency he eventually finished rehab. At only 39 it seems unlikely that Hardy's screw ups are a thing of the past. Stay tuned.