Years active in the WWE: 1999-present

Besides winning $15,000 for the USO on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? And hocking Stacker 2 (a cheap fat burner) on infomercials not much of note has happened to 'Big Show' (actual name Paul Wight Jr.) since his arrest for alleged indecent exposure in 1998.

He does find himself in the middle of a lawsuit by a former road producer Andrew Green saying Wight attacked him after a loss in January. There may be some merit to the physical part of the suit, we'll let the courts decide, but the "mental anguish" sounds like Green is just trying to get a buck because someone called him a name. We get it dude, working sucks, but you don't have to get your money in such a shameless BS exploitation of the court system. 

We just hope our man will be around for a list like this a decade in the future. At 41 years old, roughly 450 pounds and putting this type of stress on his body, history doesn't favor his odds.