Do the Warriors have any chance of signing free agent Dwight Howard this month?

Conventional wisdom says no. They don't have the salary cap space to sign him outright right now. Howard hasn't indicated a strong desire to play for Golden State. And there are a number of other teams—including the Rockets, the Mavericks, and, of course, the Lakers—who have made a stronger push to try and obtain Howard's services for the next few seasons.

But the Warriors haven't counted themselves out just yet. Although they would need to clear a ton of salary cap space in order to afford Howard, they're reportedly prepared to try and do it. According to ESPN Los Angeles, Golden State has reached out to a number of other teams with salary cap space to see if they would be willing to trade for one of their three big expiring contracts. Andrew Bogut ($14 million), Richard Jefferson ($11 million), and Andris Biedrins ($9 million) are all apparently available. And moving those three players would put them in position to sign Howard.

Does that mean Howard would want to sign there? Absolutely not. So the Warriors better be careful about mortgaging their franchise for a player who may not even want to play for them. But at the very least, the Warriors are trying their best to improve right now. And we can't blame them for doing everything in their power to get better this offseason.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]