The first day of the course was spent following the instructors' cars in small groups (two to four) in order to learn the proper racing line and slowly build up speed and confidence. Although it might seem a bit slow at first for anybody with some track experience, there is still a lot to learn here and the instructors will keep going faster and faster as the day goes on. The idea is to slowly build up speed and confidence without having a pants-wetting encounter with the tire wall.

By the end of the first day, we were all very comfortable with our personal limits, the layout of the track, the braking zones, the turn-in points, and the racing line, and we were ready to push it further.

Pro tip: The awesome and ballsy staff photographer from Colour Tech Motorsport Photography is occasionally standing right on the apex of turn one; that's how he gets images like this one where you're looking right past him. And yes, he's there for every group that comes through the school, not just journalists.