The Bridgestone Racing Academy is a training facility at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park outside of Toronto (that's Canada, for those of you who might be geographically challenged). In said facility, instructors teach groups of regular guys and girls how to kick ass at high speeds in a fleet of 2008 Van Diemen Formula SCCA race cars. We got an invite to go play for the school's two day "Learn to Lap" course. How could we say no?

So there I was in Toronto. It's a lot like New York, but cleaner and with slightly fewer stabbings, with eight other irregular guys and girls (I wouldn't call auto journalists "regular") getting ready to attend two days of proper race training. If you're too lazy to do more than look at the pretty pictures, just know that it was awesome. If you're interested in learning about what it's like to drive on the track in a race car, please, be our guest, and read on.

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