Sports figure(s) involved: Bryant McKinnie, Fred Smoot, Lance Johnstone and unidentified others
Year: 2005

More than a dozen former Vikings (including quarterback Daunte Culpepper) were implicated in the infamous sex boat scandal. The event, which featured the, er, entertainment of exotic dancers flown in from Atlanta, was allegedly organized by cornerback Fred Smoot. Rumors ranging from Bryant McKinnie performing oral sex on a woman at the bar to Smoot working as the middleman for an act involving a double-sided dildo (use your imagination) grabbed headlines. After the cruise, the boat crew reported cleaning up used condoms, K-Y Jelly, and sex toys in the party's wake. The scandal and subsequent media fall out resulted in criminal charges against McKinne and Smoot for disorderly conduct and the appropriately named complaint "being a nuisance on a watercraft."