Sports figure(s) involved: Jerry Sandusky
Year: 2011

When the media circus circling the court case of former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky finally came to a close, Sandusky emerged from the experience as one of the most despicable figures in sports history. Long the right-hand man to coaching legend Joe Paterno, Sandusky had previously been known for the tough defenses he helped build during his 30-year career in Happy Valley, as well as his Philadelphia non-profit charity, The Second Mile.

After the trial, though, Sandusky's reputation was beyond repair. The former defensive coordinator had created a culture of lying and sexual abuse through his charitable organization, and was personally responsible for the molestation of countless young boys he met through the Second Mile since its foundation in 1977. Not much more can be said about this except that Sandusky deserves every ounce of punishment he's dealt in prison.