Sports figure(s) involved: Delonte West and LeBron James
Year: 2010

To be clear, since the rumor surfaced, Delonte West has gone out of his way to dispel any beliefs that the story of a sexual encounter taking place in 2010 between him and Gloria James to be true. That doesn't mean that the effects of the story weren't real, though. The report came to light during the 2010 playoffs when the Cavs were locked in a tight series with the Boston Celtics, and was a divisive force in the Cleveland locker room.

According to sources close to the matter, LeBron found out about the story before Game 4, the turning point in the series in terms of his individual performance. For the first three games of the series, James was shooting 54 percent from the field, but for the final three he managed only 34 percent. Hard to blame him. If we thought one of our teammates was getting it on with our mom, we wouldn't even be able to be in the same building as that dude, let alone play on a team with him.