A New York street artist isn't going to sit around and watch the "corporate appropriation of bike culture." He/she isn't going to destroy CitiBikes, but he/she will partake in some slight vandalism. The unknown artist has created "ShitiBike" stickers to slap onto the blue rental bikes and voice his/her displeasure. Should you share the same sentiment, you can also partake by going here and downloading your own sticker.

While we don't hate CitiBikes, this is pretty funny. It's a subtle way to stick it to the man, or at the very least get a laugh out of those with a sharp enough eye to catch the slight alteration. And just imagine if just half the CitiBikes get this customization. Everywhere you'll go there will be a ShitiBike. Then Citi will have to send out teams of employees just to remove stickers. What a waste of time and money that would be.

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[via Swagger New York