Oh, Knicks! Even when you win—signing J.R. Smith to a new contract, getting Metta World Peace to agree to a two-year deal, trading for Andrea Bargnanietc.—you lose. During their recent sit-down interview for ESPN, Stephen A. Smith and Dwight Howard were caught talking off the air by this YouTube user. And during their talk, Stephen A. revealed how Knicks owner James Dolan told him that he was thinking about trading Iman Shumpert because he refused to take part in a summer league. Howard's response? "He can come here."

Yeah, we're pretty sure that Howard wouldn't mind that. We're also pretty sure that Knicks fans would lose their $#%^ if Dolan ever pulled the trigger on a trade involving Shumpert simply because he wouldn't participate in a summer league. How do they expect their team to win a 'chip when major decisions are being made based on stuff like that?

Watch Stephen A. and Dwight talk about it in the clip above. Unbelievable.

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[via SatelliteSurfer31]