When a south Florida woman named Nora Ziegler noticed a large piece of metal missing from the side of her Toyota Sequoia recently, she thought she was the victim of a neighborhood vandal. And as it turns out, she was. But that vandal wasn't a person—it was a squirrel looking to make a nest inside of her wheel well.

The squirrel—which is now being referred to as "Munchy"—was gnawing away at the side of Ziegler's Sequoia one night recently when she went to take her garbage out and discovered the culprit behind her car's damage. Strangely, the squirrel didn't take a single bite out of anyone else's car on the block. But it seems to have come back to Ziegler's car on several occasions in order to eat more of the metal exterior. She's now trying to decide what to do about it.

"I'm not happy to see my car like this," she told local TV station WPTV, "but at least I didn't have any enemies, at least not people."

Peep the damage that Munchy has done in the thumbs gallery above. Ziegler better figure out a solution for her problem quickly before she's got a family of five living inside of her ride.

[via New York Daily News]