The first year of the new millennium is bound to remain infamous throughout generations due to 9/11. That single day has had more impact on our country then any other in our lifetimes. The diversions we cover weren't immune to 9/11's wrath and that's something we'll unfortunately refresh you on later. 2001 had many other notable events, however.

In January, America’s least controversial president George W. Bush was sworn in. Apple unveiled the iPod while Microsoft became Sony’s biggest competitor with the release of the original XBOX (sorry Nintendo fans)The start of Wikipedia gave people everywhere a reliable (enough) resource to quickly look up facts sometimes sourced and sometimes pulled out of an ass.

In the sports world: The Monday Night Wars ended as the WWF (now the WWE) bought WCW. At the Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt died on the final lap. He was running third behind eventual winner Michael Waltrip and his son Dale Earnhardt Jr.  ESPN introduced sports’ non-horrendous answer to the horrendous CNN show Crossfire with Pardon The Interruption. And Will Smith received an Oscar nomination for his starring role as the title character in the year’s biggest sports flick, Ali.

What else? Afghanistan got invaded (that’s the only thing on here not “retro.”) Enron went bankrupt due to greed, incompetence, and take your pick of a third adjective. And Alex Trebek appeared without his moustache for the first time. Check out Retro Year in Sports: 2001.