Dwight Howard has agreed to a deal with the Houston Rockets and there's already talk of a possible trade. And no, Howard isn't the one asking for it (yet?). Reports are saying Omer Asik isn't willing to play with Howard and may want to leave the Rockets.

The Rockets have shown interest in trading Asik before, but the center's unwillingness to be Howard's backup or even play with him may finally push him out of Houston. This can work out for the Lakers, though. The Rockets can use Asik in a sign-and-trade situation so the Lakers won't take a total loss in losing Howard.

That wouldn't be too bad of a deal since Asik is coming off the best season of his career. He posted career highs in points (10.1), rebounds (11.7), and blocks (1.1). We figure the Lakers would still rather have Howard, though.

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[via ESPN]