Back in 2004, Metta World Peace Ron Artest was involved in the most unsportsmanlike act in sports history when he took part in "The Malice at the Palace" in Detroit during a Pacers/Pistons game. So you might be surprised to know that in 2009, prior to signing with the Lakers as a free agent, Metta World Peace was actually interested in signing with the Pistons. His agent ultimately persuaded him to go to L.A. But it sounds like he was thisclose to coming to an agreement with Detroit and spending a few years calling The Palace of Auburn Hills home.

"The first year I left Houston, I wanted to go to Detroit," he said yesterday, shortly after announcing that he had signed a two-year deal with the Knicks. "Detroit was my first option. But I talked to my agent and he didn't like the idea of me playing in Detroit. It would have been hard for me to play in that building."

Eh, not really. After the initial shock wore off, we think he would have fit in just fine. But he wouldn't have been able to win an NBA championship with the Pistons. So it's a good thing that he decided against it and headed out west.

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[via For The Win]