Golfing technology is hilarious. It takes what is already a sport favored by old, rich, white men and makes it even more bougie. For example, look at this Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Cart. The car manufacurer invited fans to submit their ideas for a golf cart of the future. Some of their ideas became inspiration for the concept golf cart, and the winners won a VIP invitation to the British Open. These are just some of the absurdly luxurious features:

  • Diamond grille
  • Joystick control
  • Head-up display with course layout, game status, and weather information
  • A fore button that emits a warning signal 
  • AIRSCARF neck-level heating system that wraps the neck and shoulder area in warm air
  • Small fridge
  • Illuminated vanity mirror
  • LED headlamps

The golf cart is also solar-powered, which we didn't include in the ridiculous bullet points because it seems more responsible than absurd. All the other features, though: LOL. They're so nice we'd spend more time in the cart than actually playing golf. Right now Mercedes-Benz has no plans on releasing the golf cart, but if they do expect it to be mad expensive. 

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[via Serious Wheels