If you have followed the off-the-court issues of Marshall Henderson, then you know the guy has always struggled to stay clean. In high school, Henderson was given probation after attempting to buy $800 worth of marijuana with counterfeit money. Then, while on probation, Henderson tested positive for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine, which resulted in him serving 25 days in jail. Even after all these problems, Marshall found success on a D-I school in Ole Miss. You would think that after all that, he could count his blessings and just get his act together but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Earlier today, Ole Miss announced that they have suspended Henderson indefinitely for what they're calling a violation of team rules. Gary Parrish of CBS Sports is reporting that the punishment is due to the fact that the Rebels guard failed a drug test. Meanwhile, ESPN says that the suspension is the result of multiple failed drug tests. 

There is also a belief that Henderson's career with the school is "legitimately up in the air."

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[via Eye On College Basketball]