If you were at the club and you saw LeBron James walk in, what would you do? We're willing to bet that 99 out of 100 people just said, "Take a picture and put it up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram." And we can't say we blame you for offering up that response. That's probably what we would do, too.

But when King James went to Tao in Las Vegas with Floyd Mayweather last weekend, he noticed that waaaaaaay too many people were taking pictures of him throughout the night. So at one point, he grabbed a mic, asked people to put their cameras away and have fun, and then went back to nodding along to Young Jeezy.

From the looks of things, no one actually listened. But we've gotta side with LeBron here. It's cool to capture one or two shots of him if you see him out. But if you spend your entire night taking flicks of him and uploading them to a social media site, you've got a problem. Put your phone down AND HAVE SOME FUN!

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[via The Big Lead]