For the last seven months or so, football has been the absolute last thing on Josh Brent's mind. Back in December, Brent was allegedly intoxicated behind the wheel of a car when he lost control of it and killed his passenger and Dallas Cowboys teammate Jerry Brown. He was charged with intoxication manslaughter for his role in the accident and could face upwards of 20 years in jail if he is found guilty. So Brent has decided to hang up his cleats for good and retire from the NFL in order to get his life together.

"I am at a point where my main focus is all about getting the priorities in my life in order," he said through a statement released by the Cowboys this afternoon. "Those priorities are more important than football. Doing the right things in life are more important than football. I love the game very much. I love my teammates, but this is the right thing for me to do."

Brent has a lot of work to do. In the last few months, he's tested positive for marijuana twice and was jailed briefly after the second failed test. He is currently out on bond but is being closely monitored by the courts to make sure that he's not using alcohol or any illegal drugs. We sincerely wish the guy the best. He did something very, very bad. But something tells us that he's going to be his own worst judge for the rest of his life. So we hope he makes it through this part of his life without anymore major setbacks.

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