Honestly, what the hell is going on in London? Has the city suddenly become the anti-supercar capital of the world? A few months ago, we saw several super rare supercars go up in flamesyesterday we brought you the now infamous 458 Spider egg throwing incident; and now this - a man on a bike purposely trying to stop a Lamboghini Aventador in its tracks.

The video, which has already received around 25,000 views on YouTube, shows a man waiting behind a car as a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador makes its way down the street. As the car nears, the man, decked head to toe in spandex, suddenly pulls out, hops on his bike and immediately slows to a crawl. Some have speculated the man simply did not know what was going on, but upon careful inspection it seems clear that this dude knew exactly what he was doing. What a D-bag.

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[via YouTube]