Jason Kidd was a 10-time All Star, made the All-NBA First Team five times and the All-Defensive Team First Team four times, won a ring with Dallas, and is second all-time in career assist and steals. In short, he's one of the greatest NBA point guards ever.

That's why it's a little easy to scoff at how Kidd said Deron Williams is better than he was:

He’s better than me. I mean, he can shoot. He’s a guy who can set the table, get to the basket. He can score. I don’t look at him as me. Again, he’s a little bit better than I am.

Just recognizing situations. Deron is a very gifted point guard, so for me it’s just about talking to him about different situations and getting what he’s thinking so we can get on the same page.

I want him to be the basketball player that we all know he can be. We’re gonna set lofty goals, and as a coaching staff and as a team, we want to try to put him in a position to reach them.

Williams does have him in statistical averages. The guard has averaged 17.8 points in his career to Kidd's 12.69 assists to his 8.7, and 45.3 percent from the field to Kidd's 40. Williams' career three-point percentage (35.6) is also better that Kidd's (34.9), but the future hall of famer has 6.3 career rebounds per game to Williams' 3.2. But can Williams keep up this output though? He hasn't even played half the years Kidd has played.

Either way, it's clear the two guards have a lot of respect for each other. Maybe this can help Williams become a better player as Kidd coaches him.

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[via ESPN]