After playing in the NBA for nearly two decades, you would think that Jason Kidd would be familiar with just about every single rule in the league's rulebook. But during his coaching debut at the Orlando Summer League yesterday, Kidd learned a new one when he was given the first technical foul of his coaching career after he ran outside of the coaching box towards the end of the Nets game against the Pistons.

"It's a lesson learned," he said afterwards, "and I know I can't go past half court. I've seen some of these coaches be all the way down on the other end. I can't follow their lead in that aspect. I learned real quickly where the [coaching] box is. I deserved a T."

Watch him earn his first technical as a coach in the clip above. After seeing J-Kidd play in the league for so many years, it's pretty weird seeing him patrol the sidelines, isn't it?

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[via USA Today]