We dig the VW Golf, for even that compact is more car than a lot of people need, and Americans are finally embracing the subcompact segment, judging by the sheer number of Ford Fiestas and Honda Fits we see on the road. In just about every other market VeeDub is present in the company offers a cheap and cheerful subcompact called the Polo, because VW hatchbacks are inexplicably named after sports that wealthy white Brits play, that is, by all reports, a fantastic car.

Now, in order to keep the company's fuel economy average up for the ever increasing CAFE standards, the next generation Polo and a Polo-based CUV (please prove us right by calling it the "VW Cricket" or the "VW Lawn Bowling") are coming to our shores.

We'd love to see the whole Polo family available, from the 50+ mpg Polo TDI to the speedy Polo GTI, but we worry that all we'll get will be an impractical Polo Sedan, because Americans are afraid of hatchbacks. 

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[via Motor Trend