We love the Honda Fit. It's nimble, it's fun to drive, it's lightweight, it seems to often get significantly better than the EPA estimates even when driven hard and put on stickier tires (personal experience right there), and it's amazingly practical. If you can't fit it in a Fit, you need a pick-up truck.

Because of the hatchback bodystyle, the huge interior, and the rear seats that fold completely flat, you can put just about anything in there. Assistant Editor Tony Markovich even knows a person who lives by the mantra "how much shit can I fit in the Fit?" That's why we were weirdly excited to see pictures of the new Honda Fit hatchback, and heartbroken to learn that it won't be sold in the USA. Honda, we just want you to know that it's okay to make hatchbacks over here. People like them!

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[via Jalopnik