Would you drop all of your vacation plans in exchange for Heineken paying for you to go to a completely random city? The beer company challenged people to do that, setting up game boards twice this week at JFK Airport. Contestants would have to agree to the switch before seeing where they'd head. One guy was supposed to go to Cyprus to see his grandparents. Instead, he ended up flying out to Cyprus for two nights. Heineken flipped him two stacks and booked him a hotel for two nights. The game is a part of a new campaign called "Dropped." As part of it, four men were sent to random cities to film their adventures. Footage of their trips is supposed to be up next week.  

If only this weren't restricted to the airport. If Heineken popped into the Complex offices right now, I'd agree to go anywhere for the weekend. Spontaneity is the spice of life. 

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